Should You Buy A Yacht Or A Jet?

Cessna AircraftAs a business owner with extra money, this can be a very difficult decision to make. Deciding on whether or not you should purchase a boat or a jet is a decision that is not only based on money but also amount of us as well. There’s no sense making such a large investment if you only plan on using it one or two times during its time in your possession.

For instance, many boat owners are usually very happy on the day that they receive and on the day that they sell they are beautiful boat investment. The reason why is because generally when you get a new toy you are extremely excited. Although, when owning a boat it can be a very large hassle.

Viking Convertible Now don’t get me wrong. This can be said also for private jets as well. Although, it does depend on how you plan on using your jet. If you’re looking to own for yourself and just fly out for your own convenience then it may not be all that worthy of an investment. Although, if you own an airline and wish to use it for a certain number of hours per month to make a profit, then that might be a better idea. Chartering out your aircraft can help you make money instead of it losing you money over time.

When you look at it from my perspective it’s almost a very easy decision. However, it all comes down to your interests and what you see yourself using more during your spare time. When it comes to myself I would rather fly then be on a boat, but some people are the complete opposite.

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New Business Jets for 2016

Travel Private Jet to Miami in the Gulfstream G650If you have been paying attention to the aviation industry, you may have noticed a few new private jets that are about to hit the market for the upcoming year. This is definitely an exciting time for anyone in the private jet business or for anyone looking to purchase a newer model of their favorite aircraft manufacturer.

Two names come to mind when we think of the manufacturers that will be presenting their newest designs for 2016 and beyond. Those two names include the Dassault and Gulfstream. Gulfstream is set to release their newest model the G650 sometime within the next two years. Dassault has an upgrade of their 7x design and will be releasing their upgraded long range 8x upgrade within next few months in 2016.

The French manufacturer Dassault has been in the aircraft manufacturing business for many many years. They are quality manufacturer and definitely one of our favorites to fly in. However, we can’t forget the popularity and quality of the G6 brand. Their line of aircrafts are very high end to suit a wide range of customers. Almost any model from Gulfstream is a safe bet and not only with long term satisfaction but also with pricing and guarantees.

Many business owners looking to acquire a personal private jet don’t know much about the process of even who the right person to contact is.

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Find Commercial AC & Server Room Cooling Info

Honeywell MM10CESBBIf you’re a business owner and you’re looking for a way to keep your office or server room an adequate and comfortable temperature then this may be the article for you. There aren’t many places online that discuss the benefits or even give a review of commercial and server room cooling portable air conditioners. The whole market is so saturated although for good reason. Staying cool during the summer isn’t just a want in some cases is almost in need. Especially when you start getting older.

Commercial units are typically much bigger in size then your average home ac. They also using different type of power supply which you most likely will not find in the majority of homes today. As a result of its bigger size these machines can pump out anywhere up to and above 100,000 to 200,000 BTU‘s and even more. Putting one of these bad boys in your home or apartment just may cause a snowfall. Although in reality would be way too much for you to handle.

We’ve tried our best to search online and locate a few great resources where you can learn about how these tools work. Get reviews on the most popular and affordable machines so that you don’t have to rely just on sponsored customer reviews. Don’t get me wrong, customer reviews on manufacturer or retailer websites can be helpful, although getting an opinion from a third party resource is always a little bit more beneficial.

See our resources below for where you can get information on selecting the correct server room cooler or industrial corporate cooler for your business or warehouse.

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Differences between Commercial/Home/Server Room Cooling