Gold vs Silver

Gold vs Silver


During times of crisis gold is known to consistently stand strong. It’s also well known as one of the best precious metals in the world. Gold is also more rare than silver and therefore costs more per ounce. Which in turn makes it more reliable. For more info on how to invest in gold today, click here.


There is apparently less “investment grade” silver available on earth than there is gold. With that said, it does cause many discussions on whether gold is more valuable than silver and vice versa. Especially if you’re in tune to the market right now.

Which should you choose?

If you can, choose both. Gold has seen a steady increase in value ever since the year 2000. It’s currently in a bit of a rut, but in due time I believe it will regain it’s value, especially with the current state of the financial market.

Silver is a great metal so get started with as a first time “precious metals investor” mostly because of it’s price vs gold.

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