New Business Jets for 2016

Travel Private Jet to Miami in the Gulfstream G650If you have been paying attention to the aviation industry, you may have noticed a few new private jets that are about to hit the market for the upcoming year. This is definitely an exciting time for anyone in the private jet business or for anyone looking to purchase a newer model of their favorite aircraft manufacturer.

Two names come to mind when we think of the manufacturers that will be presenting their newest designs for 2016 and beyond. Those two names include the Dassault and Gulfstream. Gulfstream is set to release their newest model the G650 sometime within the next two years. Dassault has an upgrade of their 7x design and will be releasing their upgraded long range 8x upgrade within next few months in 2016.

The French manufacturer Dassault has been in the aircraft manufacturing business for many many years. They are quality manufacturer and definitely one of our favorites to fly in. However, we can’t forget the popularity and quality of the G6 brand. Their line of aircrafts are very high end to suit a wide range of customers. Almost any model from Gulfstream is a safe bet and not only with long term satisfaction but also with pricing and guarantees.

Many business owners looking to acquire a personal private jet don’t know much about the process of even who the right person to contact is.

Find more info on these two jets below when you visit their official brand website.