The Silver Pen Vaporizer

Aerospace Design by GrasshopperIt’s never really been seen before, but it actually does exist. A few new designers are working on a new idea (after hearing about the all gold pens) by trying out a silver version of a new vaporizer pen unit. It’s a big risk to use precious metals when making a vape, but it’s durability and convection abilities are far beyond any other device on the market.

Not only may it be possible for a more even burn, but it’s also potentially possible to retain more of you material as well. The initial cost of such a unit is probably a little over the head of most consumers, but it would be a vape that you wouldn’t have to worry about malfunctioning after only a few months of use.

With the popularity of e-cigs and portable vaporizers rising, we’re starting to see so many different inventions come to the table. Some are worth the investment, while others not so much. Unless you’re a true hobbyist, there is a small change you’re going to stress about the latest and greatest technologies of the biggest vaporizer manufacturers.

There is a big debate on whether or not to make a dry herb version of the pen. The manufacturers believe that keeping it oil based will allow them to maintain optimal vaping temperatures and want to wait before the demo a dry herb model. If you’re unsure of the difference between dry herb and oil based  vape pens, make sure to visit the mentioned websites.

The silver vapor company also has experience making world class private jets. For this reason they will be test running their products on a few select luxury flights throughout the United States. See below for a listing of the limited flights that are allowing samples of this excellent device.


One aircraft that we know always lets us vape or smoke is the new dassault falcon 7x/8x extended. aircraft. We’ve known them for a long time and since then have built a pretty solid business relationship.

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